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 CRT Pro Re-Vamp

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PostSubject: CRT Pro Re-Vamp   CRT Pro    Re-Vamp EmptyMon Jan 30, 2012 8:36 am

Well I have just come into possession of a CRT Pro
It used to be Jay's, but it hasn't come Via himself

It did however come in a bit of a state, and in need of some attention

CRT Pro    Re-Vamp 2012-01-21142521

CRT Pro    Re-Vamp 2012-01-21142453

CRT Pro    Re-Vamp 2012-01-21142507

CRT Pro    Re-Vamp 2012-01-21142612

CRT Pro    Re-Vamp 2012-01-21142556

CRT Pro    Re-Vamp 2012-01-21142539

So After Many hours on here

CRT Pro    Re-Vamp 2012-01-26161031

It has now had a Complete Strip, clean and re-build
New Oils All round
5000 wt diff oil in the rear
30.000 wt diff oil in the centre
30.000 wt diff oil in the front
55wt shock oil in the front shocks
50wt shock oil in the rear shocks
New Clutch bell
New Alloy clutch shoes with Gold springs
New clutch bearings
Another shim under the head
Many MANY new bolts, as there were loads wrong, rounded CRT Pro    Re-Vamp 795379 , or snapped off CRT Pro    Re-Vamp 662925
Tires re-glued
New silicon seals on the rear of the engine, and the centre joint of the exhaust
Air filter stripped an cleaned with fresh oil
A HUGE re-tune

And a nice New Shell

So it's now looking like This wink

CRT Pro    Re-Vamp 2012-01-27162350

CRT Pro    Re-Vamp 2012-01-27162319

CRT Pro    Re-Vamp 2012-01-27162307

CRT Pro    Re-Vamp 2012-01-27162254

CRT Pro    Re-Vamp 2012-01-27162237

CRT Pro    Re-Vamp 2012-01-27105326

CRT Pro    Re-Vamp 2012-01-27105311

CRT Pro    Re-Vamp 2012-01-27105301

CRT Pro    Re-Vamp 2012-01-27105249

CRT Pro    Re-Vamp 2012-01-27105215

I'm happy with the end results
And it's going like stink, an handling awesome GOOD
Hope you like it smile

CRT Pro    Re-Vamp Mcd_si10
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Uber Mod

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CRT Pro    Re-Vamp Empty
PostSubject: Re: CRT Pro Re-Vamp   CRT Pro    Re-Vamp EmptyWed Feb 01, 2012 3:06 am

As mentioned before bud, it's very nice GOOD

I bet half the dirt on there was from Jay's last bash, british flag

CRT Pro    Re-Vamp Untitled-iain2
CRT Pro    Re-Vamp Untitled-1-1

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PostSubject: Re: CRT Pro Re-Vamp   CRT Pro    Re-Vamp EmptyFri Feb 24, 2012 11:09 am

your not wrong yanto lol haha , which bolts where snapped off and rounded ? i know of a couple in the engine mounts thats about it for snapped ones , rounded was the exhause stay post thingy me bob and i think chassis side for the center diff ? , did you get a new rear bulkhead ?
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CRT Pro    Re-Vamp Empty
PostSubject: Re: CRT Pro Re-Vamp   CRT Pro    Re-Vamp Empty

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CRT Pro Re-Vamp
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