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 Freeprawn Racing shop break in.

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Freeprawn Racing shop break in. Empty
PostSubject: Freeprawn Racing shop break in.   Freeprawn Racing shop break in. EmptyWed Mar 30, 2011 4:13 am

Hi guys,

Nigel told me somebody broke into his shop. Here's the email he sent:

"Sad to say my shop got broke into last night.

More details to follow still dealing with the Police etc at the moment. Good news is there is some CCTV footage of the people that did this, so I'll be posting that up to to see if anyone recognises the offenders.

Still waiting for the scene of crime team to get here at the moment so I don't have a very detailed list of what has been taken, but after a brief look round the following has been taken. Please keep your eyes peeled, any info will be greatly appriciated.

My Punisher race car with green shell and ZMC Chassis, only 5 in the country so should be easy to spot. Fitted with an Alro 26cc concept engine.

An FG Evo 4 touring car with an orange shell. Fitted with a G240 23cc engine.

My Futaba 3pks Transmitter in it's Futaba case.

Most of the DDM suff I had recently bought in. Most notably the big bore kits. Some of which were the ESP tuned ones.

3 LRP Blast Buggys with front shocks missing.

My MCD Rally car with an orange and black shell (no engine).

Some Etronix Transmitters and chargers.

There was also some other stuff taken but I won't have a list till after the police have come to have a more detailed look round.

Like I said, please keep your eyes peeled, and let me know if you see anything.



Nigel is a really nice guy, and doesn't deserve this.

Please, everyone help keep a look out for anything suspicious, either PM myself or Nigel ( know.

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Freeprawn Racing shop break in.
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