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 DDM DOM ........RE-invented

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PostSubject: DDM DOM ........RE-invented   Thu Sep 24, 2009 5:28 am

well,been palnning on something different for the RaceRunner
an wanted a good exhurst for it

now a SAMBA,or the fantastic RN 'MAGIC BULLIT' are just stupid money

so i got myself an FS Racing pipe
but i was never happy with the sound,or the look
so that went the way of the DoDo

so started to look about an have a think

made a few pipes for the baja in the past,very succssesfully from Mini-Moto pipes
but didnt think this time it would work for the shape of the MCD

so i borrowed a mates rear DOM,an trial fitted it

well it had to go upside down,but cleared the suspension,an had enough room behind the engine,an towers
but went way to high into the body,an would have ment loosing a massive amount off the back end of the shell

so mind started working things out,an planning how to do it

i was VERY kindly given a rear DOM,by MERLINS good friend MARK
an little dented but serves me well,an was ........FREE :good: :good: always a winner

so came up with the idea of cutting it at the main large joint
bent it downwards,an turned it more towards the rear it vents out under the wing

anyway enough waffle,,,,,,,see what you think :good: :good:

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DDM DOM ........RE-invented
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